Time Laps Recordings


the movements of Chlorarachnion

Active Movement at the Higher Magnification

00161L.mov Full size movie (download 00161L.mov, 2249K)

00161.mov Half size movie (download 00161.mov, 504K)

Active Movement at the Lower Magnification

00176s.mov Half size movie (download 00176s.mov, 386K)

Move or Not Move?

In the culture, there are some moving actively, however other cells are not moving.

00150.mov Half size movie (download 00150.mov, 416K)


This specimen have been captured and strained by Miss Kaneda working at Dr. Hara's laboratory in Yamagata university. They, kindly, sent me the specimen with an amount of their original culture medium. Now the amoeba (flagellate) is growing in my laboratory.

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