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Cell Division

from normal movements to the rouding up
Cell Division 1
Cell Division 2
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Medium 312Kb
Large 924Kb
Original 3.3Mb
Small 396Kb
Medium 840Kb
Large 2.7Mb
Original 11.7Mb
Small 320Kb
Medium 680Kb
Large 2,1Mb
Original 9.1Mb
Cell Division 3
Cell Division 4
Cell Division 5
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Medium 772Kb
Large 2.5Mb
Original 10.7Mb
Small 340Kb
Medium 724Kb
Large 2.3Mb
Original 10Mb
Small 388Kb
Medium 828Kb
Large 2.6Mb
Original 11.4Mb

Special Events

Time Laps Recordings of the movements of Chlorarachnion

Rapid Intake of Food by Vampyrella

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